Midwest Models

Many great models get started at smaller agencies that often wind up placing them with larger agencies in the major markets. So don’t let the fact that you’re starting out in the Midwest scare you away from your dream career. Get started today by booking a modeling portfolio session with us in 2018. Call 260-307-2876 … More Midwest Models

CLHS Class of 2015: Maggie

Family and friends of Maggie, you can see more of her high school senior pictures (as well as purchase prints and other products) by visiting the full proof gallery at ShadowlandsPhotography.biz.  Contact Maggie for the passcode.To learn more about Shadowlands Photography, call us at 260-307-2876 or connect with us on social media: Facebook.com/ShadowlandsPhotography  ShadowlandsPhotography.com  Twitter @ShadowlandsPhot  Instagram ShadowlandsPhotography … More CLHS Class of 2015: Maggie