Building Bridges

I know, I know…it’s been FOREVER since I have blogged.  The time has come!  🙂

2014 is off and running to a vigorous start!  There are SO many exciting things that are going on around here!  I feel like I’m 21 again…giving birth to artistic “babies” I’ve been carrying inside for months (okay, years).  Where should I begin??  What do I share first?

Well, first of all…in addition to my “normal” portrait & wedding photography business, I have multiple personal photography projects that I’m pursuing, planning & shooting right now.  I have to keep my lips sealed though for now, however, as not to spoil the surprise.  In the weeks coming, I’ll leak more and more details. 🙂

Secondly, I have been teaching photography workshops around the Fort Wayne community more and more every year.  And, this winter and spring, I have had the opportunity to teach and inspire budding middle school artists during an aftercare fine arts program at Holy Cross Lutheran School (if you have children in preschool, elementary school or middle school, seriously check this place out…they are a vibrant community).

Our themed photography project last week (see the image immediately above) was to photograph the concept “Building Bridges”  So, we placed some of my Holy Cross aftercare photography students (future Concordia Lutheran High School Cadets) on bridges.  Lutheran preschools and elementary schools around the city are doing likewise (for CLHS to put on display as part of their décor at the 2014 Cadets in Cadence Auction). 

I love seeing the middle schoolers’ minds explore different topics…and learn how to transpose concepts into photographic images.  It takes patience, but it is moving and encouraging when you see youth blossom into their potential to be powerful, creative, energetic, thoughtful and productive for Good.  I am thankful for the chance to push them toward a path on which they realize that they can not only call attention to things around them…but can influence the things in their world.


Class of 2014: Delanie

Delanie is a senior at Concordia Lutheran High School.  I just love her description of herself…driven, polite, careful, excited and quiet.  What a great balance!  She should’ve said GORGEOUS too but she’s way too humble to say that!  🙂

Delanie was one of the lucky participants in our Fall Senior Picture Event on the second weekend of October.  Her flawless makeup was done by the amazing makeup artist Erin Nay and her perfectly romantic locks were created by hair stylist Amber Rodriguez at Profiles Salon.

Enjoy this sneak preview of some of my favorite images from her portrait session!!&cu=

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Concordia HS Class of 2014: Andrew

Introducing high school senior Andrew (and his guitar)…!&cu=

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Fort Wayne Concordia High School Senior: Samantha

Samantha was one of the lucky Fort Wayne high school seniors who participated in our Spring Senior Portrait Event during the 2nd week of April.  She totally rocked her session and we had SO much fun getting her all dolled up with Angie from trU aUra (makeup) and Amber from Profiles (hair).  How can you not just completely fall in love with Samantha’s adorable freckles and H-E-L-L-L-O blue eyes?!!!!!!!!!  Simply beautiful — inside and out!

To view the full proof gallery from Samantha’s High School Senior Picture Session on, please contact her for permission to acquire the passcode.

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