Art Behind the Click© Photography Workshop

Since the invention of the point-and-click camera, photography has become one of the most widely popular and easily accessible art forms.  However, most people rarely print the pictures on their digital cameras because they are not that happy with the results.

Our instructor will guide you in “putting art into the click” by teaching how to apply photography techniques to create images you can’t resist printing and sharing. This intimate, exploratory, adventurous and laid-back workshop is a super fun way for you and other fellow photography lovers (4-8 attendees required) to get hands-on, real-life photography lessons — and most importantly — to learn how to better bring YOURSELF into your images. No two people photograph the same scene the same way.  Find YOUR VOICE.  Find YOUR PASSIONS. Forget the idea of copying what another artist does. Discover how to claim your own artistic space.

This specific workshop is offered a few different times every year.  Contact us to see when our next workshop will be held.
For photographer hobbyists who have a confident command of their digital camera and of fundamental photography techniques (Camera Modes, Exposure, DOF, Composition, Equipment, Lighting, etc.) this next intermediate step workshop is designed to discuss and discover the history, theology, psychology, inspiration and story behind YOUR lens.
This is a “walking” photography workshop – we will spend time exploring and walking around downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana…the city will be the backdrop for our “classroom”.  Participants must be prepared (walking shoes, water bottle, etc.) and physically able to climb steps and walk across varying terrain.
Photography hobbyists ages 17+ (with skill levels ranging from beginner to intermediate) are welcome to attend.
Attendees must bring a camera (either digital OR film – Lesa is highly skilled in both mediums!) to each day of the workshop. It is worth noting that if you do not yet own a DSLR camera but plan to purchase one, this workshop can help you learn more about the amazing possibilities and power that DSLRs give (over digital point-and-shoot cameras).
If you are a professional photographer (or are wanting to start your own photography business), this workshop is not designed for you – it is designed for people who do photography for fun and pleasure (NOT for income).