Fort Wayne Wedding: Amber & Mike

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J(en) + J(oe) = gRoVy LoVe wEdDiNg

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Orchard Ridge Wedding: Brandon + Madison

Brandon and Madison first met at Ball State University…just ONE week before she graduated (he had a full year left).  They made the difference work and when Brandon graduated, they moved to Missouri so he could attend Chiropractic School at Logan College.  They bought a house in Missouri and on the day they moved in — he proposed in their back yard at sunset!  Madison said it was really cute – Brandon even treated her to the fabulous fondue restaurant The Melting Pot that night (her favorite restaurant back in Indiana where she is from).

Brandon and Madison are pretty much the classic “city girl falls for the country boy” love story…oh, come on…who doesn’t love a cowboy?  With their tough, rugged individualist exterior and ability to heroicly rescue maidens and foil bandits?  Well..anyway…Brandon is the modern version for Madison…he drove a big truck, loved country music, and was a HUGE mamas boy.  What’s not to love about that?  🙂  All that aside, in the end they are both meant for each other and compliment each other in adorably paradoxical ways.  He is a little high strung, she goes with the flow…it just works..and that’s why they love each other!  They are best friends and can’t wait to experience all life has to offer..together!

I have to point out that Madison was the epitomy of cool and collected as her gorgeous bridesmaids, mother and I admired her getting all dolled up at 5 Elements Salon.  Her grace and calm were the total opposite of a bridezilla.  Her amazing updo was created by Sarah and her flawless makeup was the artistry of Esthetician Tonya.

The dreamy weather and setting at Orchard Ridge Country Club was ideal…what a lush green backdrop!

Now, Brandon is Scottish, so he and Madison decided to include “The Oathing Stone” into their wedding ceremony. The stone is an old Celtic tradition where the Bride and Groom place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows. It was such an meaningful way to express their solemn promise in physical form!

Madison and Brandon…thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer! May God bless your future together!

Wow!  I loved Madison’s ivory Italian Satin one-shoulder wedding gown with court train by Jasmine Bridal at Brides A La Mode.  That wedding gown was complperfect for Madison!

And, I couldn’t even dream up better floral arrangements.  Mad props to Trista Rose and her creative team at Rose’s Bouquets who are never short of breathtaking!!!!  They have such a GREAT eye for color combinations and an inherant knowledge of what bride’s want!

The joyous and dance-filled reception celebration was ushered into the moonlight by DJ Izzy Rodriguez from Quattro Systems.  And the elegant and super yummy wedding cake was hand-crafted by none other than Carolyn Pruden from Elegant Cakes.

Now, it just happened to be that the BIGGEST full moon of the year arrived on the night of their wedding (that’s gotta be some kind of a divine blessing, right?) so of COURSE I had to take them out on the golf course to take advantage of “Supermoon Saturday”.  : )

And since nothing about their wedding day details were short of amazing, they also had a spectacular sparkler exit!

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Fort Wayne Engagement Pictures: Kristina + Stan

In February, Kristina and Stan won our drawing at the 2012 Bridal Extravaganza for a FREE Engagement Portrait Session!  After spending the afternoon with them take their engagement pictures, I couldn’t help but feel thankful that their paths crossed with mine. What warm, unassuming, wonderful people they are!  There was such a romantic and honest glimmer in their eyes that I was dying to know how they met. Stan admitted to me that his interest in Kristina didn’t take long to take root after they met online. After a few small exchanges, Stan took Kristina to a Brad Paisley concert. At the concert, Stan was overwhelmed with feeling as though he and Kristina had know each other all of their lives. Kristina’s grace and easy way of Being, stole Stan’s heart.  And she finds his cowboy-like strength and tenderness absolutely irresistable.

Kristina and Stan are planning their wedding in Fort Wayne, Indiana this October. We met at a quaint little antique shop (now come on…you all should know by now that I rarely reveal my locations!) for their engagement session and I couldn’t have had more fun.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Stan owns and rides a horse so it was only fitting that we happened upon some horses (even if there were just made out of wire….) during our shoot.

After a quick change, we explored a rock quarry (okay, it was more like a concrete graveyard), that satisfied my need to create some spontaneous and intimate moments.  One of the best parts of shooting on location is that if I see something inspirational, I can just pull off on the side of the road and take advantage of it!

I’ll end this post with these sweet pictures…they showcase everything Kristina and Stan are: content with who they are both as individuals and as a couple (come on, how many couples can say that!), in love, and beautifully matched for each other.

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February 26, 2012 Bridal Extravaganza in Fort Wayne

Thanks to all of the newly engaged lovebirds who came by to see us at the 2012 Bridal Extravaganza at the Grand Wayne Convention Center yesterday!  What a great show!

Check your e-mail for a limited time special deal we are offering EXCLUSIVELY to the brides who entered in our giveaway drawing.

Now, we are excited to announce that we have drawn the winner of the FREE Engagement Portrait Session…(drumroll)…

Kristina & Stan from Fort Wayne!
(October 20, 2012 wedding date)

Congrats guys!