Introducing our Spring 2015 Intern: Samantha Berning

We are so excited to introduce our Spring 2015 High School Intern Samantha Berning.  Beauty, brains, talent & grace — this girl has it all.  Samantha is a senior at Concordia Lutheran High School.

She is energetic and health-conscious — school, soccer, gymnastics, and tennis keep her quite busy, but she is most excited about her Shadowlands Photography Internship class this semester.  Sam is very excited to learn about lighting and color within the photography world but as a future entrepreneur, she is also interested in learning about how to manage and operate a small business.  Next year she plans to study Cosmetology and Esthiology at Aveda Fredric’s Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana.  One day she hopes to start her own salon.

“My Shadowlands Photography Internship experience will help me so much now and in the future,” accounts Sam, explaining her vision for her internship.  “I can’t wait to get started and learn more and more each day!”

Our Shadowlands Photography High School Internship Program offers a variety of positions throughout the year, with different opportunities during the spring and fall semesters — as well as summer.  We are committed to training and raising up tomorrow’s creatives, entrepreneurs and business leaders so we have developed an active internship program for Fort Wayne high school students.

Samantha’s internship involves a wide scope of activities and will provide her valuable experience in the areas of Photography, Branding, Videography, Social Media Marketing, Customer Relations, Product Research & Development, Graphic Design, Packaging, and more.

Learn more about Shadowlands Photography and follow Sam’s internship experience by joining us online at:

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for our Shadowlands Photography High School Internship Program during the summer or fall of 2015, resumes will be accepted beginning March 1, 2015 for the summer program and May 1, 2015 for the fall program.  We welcome applicants from all Fort Wayne high schools (both private and public) who are currently in their junior or senior year.  Resumes and cover letters must be sent to  Questions?  Contact us at 260-307-2876.


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