High School Senior Grad: Greg

https://d150hyw1dtprld.cloudfront.net/swf/w.swf?w=swf/production/vp1&e=1401481416&f=jsjCqvq3TYqsqzAhmSI92g&d=0&m=p&r=360p&volume=100&start_res=360p&i=m&ct=Like%20us%20on%20Facebook!&cu=http://www.Facebook.com/ShadowlandsPhotography&asset_domain=s3-p.animoto.com&animoto_domain=animoto.com&options=To see more of Greg's Senior Portraits, you can ask him for the passcode to view the full proof gallery on ShadowlandsPhotography.biz.Learn more about Shadowlands Photography online:Facebook.com/ShadowlandsPhotography ShadowlandsPhotography.com Twitter @ShadowlandsPhot

Building Bridges

I know, I know...it's been FOREVER since I have blogged.  The time has come!  :)2014 is off and running to a vigorous start!  There are SO many exciting things that are going on around here!  I feel like I'm 21 again...giving birth to artistic "babies" I've been carrying inside for months (okay, years).  Where should I begin??  What [...]