Jami + Tim {Married in Berne, Indiana}

Jami and Tim’s wedding was the first time I had the opportunity to travel to Berne, Indiana.  Now, unlike most of my friends in Fort Wayne (including my amazing husband), I was not born and raised in Fort Wayne.  So I love traveling to and exploring all of the little towns surrounding the “big” city of Fort Wayne.  🙂

Jami, Tim and I had tons of fun taking photographic advantage of the gorgeous Berne clocktower and the fields surrounding the church.  We even stopped by their new historical home to capture some sentimental moments.  God bless you two!


To see more of Jami and Tim’s Berne Indiana Wedding, you can contact them for the passcode for the full gallery on ShadowlandsPhotography.biz.

You can find more photos  on Facebook.com/ShadowlandsPhotography and ShadowlandsPhotography.com.  And…we are also on Twitter @ShadowlandsPhot.


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