Downtown Senior Pictures: Michael

For Michael’s senior pictures, we headed downtown Fort Wayne.  And, just for the fun of it (because they’re part of the family too), we also brought along his two dogs!  I have to comment on how amazingly well behaved they were!  My eternal puppies NEVER would’ve walked leashless through the city.  You have mad training skills Michael!
For permission to view the full proof gallery at, please contact Michael for the passcode. You can also see more pictures from this photo session as well as other client’s photo albums on Shadowlands Photography’s Facebook page and


2 thoughts on “Downtown Senior Pictures: Michael

  1. Lesa,

    Your pictures are fantastic!!!! Michael really enjoyed himself that day. Thank you for working with the dogs! I knew you were going to be a miracle worker with Molly being camera shy!

    I'm receiving all kinds of wonderful compliments! I hope it brings you business!

    Thanks again for all your hard work and God given talent!


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